Lieder 2022. Lauter Gründe dafür.

Black Country, New Road – Snow Globes

Snow globes don’t shake on their own

Kae Tempest – Salt Coast

Trying to get away from the mistakes you’ve made before

Die Nerven – Europa

Und ich dachte irgendwie in Europa stirbt man nie

Horsegirl – Anti-Glory

Now feel a fever flow though the town (with me, please)

Black Country, New Road – Haldern

I never wanted you to see that much

Nilüfer Yanya – Stabilise

I know what’s out there

Residente – This is Not America

América no es solo U.S.A., papá

Porridge Radio – The Rip

I threw it away before it went bad

MeJee – Neowise

Ich habe den Kosmos für uns um ihn gebeten

Nichtseattle – Die Idee

Krümmt sich, entschuldigt sich schon seit Jahren

Muff Potter – Nottbeck City Limits

Fettfleck im Westen, Flecken auf der Weste

Rosalía – Saoko

Kim K cuando está blonde, bebé

Pete & Bas – Mr Worldwide

When I’m out in Mainz

The Smile – You Will Never Work In Television Again

All those beautiful young hopes and dreams

Yard Act – The Overload

Your freedom don’t come cheap

Blood Red Shoes – Comply

Taking shape to dominate

…Trail Of Dead – English Magic

No point in looking back

Oskar Haag – Stargazing

Now, are you happy or do you feel down?

Weyes Blood – It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody

Wondering if anyone knows me

Hater – Something

Confusion over fiction

Arcade Fire – The Lightning II

I heard the thunder and I thought it was the answer

Soccer Mommy – Shotgun

I hated coming down

Florence + The Machine – Free

If I would feel better just slightly sedated

Arctic Monkeys – There’d Better Be A Mirrorball

Somehow giving it the old romantic fool

Björk – The Gate

I care for you, care for you

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