Videos. Like a Door to Door American Idol.

Born Gold – Lawn Knives

we all cut close / and snip snip snip

Jennifer Courvoisier – We Met

if we never met / surely there would be / someone else for you / somebody for me

PeterLicht – Das Ende der Beschwerde

Gesellschaft ist toll / wenn nur all die Leute nicht wären

Penny and the Quarters – You And Me

nobody baby but you and me

Conner Youngblood – Australia

Asleep beneath the oak tree / You hear your friends scream out your name / And it goes on easily

Mire Kay – So You Learned

give me something / say something

PeterLicht – Neue Idee

Mit jedem Satz den ich hier verlier werd ich weniger wahr

Masquer – Happiness

never be you

Crystal Figthers – Plage

and being by your side is the only thing on my mind

Modeselektor – Shipwreck (Feat. Thom Yorke)

you asked we chose we chose we chose we chose

Pure X – Surface

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